UNLIFTABLE by Inaki & Thinking Paradox




Thor’s Hammer: an amazing effect which is always ready to go in your pocket. The magician leaves his phone on the table showing a picture of Thor’s Hammer on the screen. Now, nobody will be able to lift the phone, except for the magician.

The fish that thinks he’s a whale: a funny and surrealist routine. The magician hypnotizes a fish and makes him believe that he is a whale. Surprisingly, nobody will be able to lift the fishbowl until the magician “wakes up” the fish from the trance.

The heavy shadow: an elegant and enigmatic stage routine. The magician holds the shadow of a box projected on a back curtain, and the spectator can’t lift the real box.

The heaviest mineral on Earth: the magician convinces the audience that the mineral placed on the table is the heaviest material on Earth. Nobody will be able to lift it, until the magician reveals in the end that was just a sponge stone and it was all an illusion.

Rubik’s cube gag: a funny bit that can be added to any rubik’s cube routine. The magician challenges the spectator to solve the cube in less time than him. When the countdown starts, the spectator can’t even lift the cube from the table, so the magician wins easily.

A bucket full of stones: a good detail to be added to a hypnosis routine. The magician gives a bucket to a spectator, and he tells her to imagine that it is full of stones. Now the spectator won’t be able to lift it.