Vinny Marini Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
G Wave – An ungimmicked, small packet effect.

Wild Time Revisited – A wild card routine inspired by the legendary Shigeo Takagi.

Ambitious Card and Coin – Coins and cards find each other in an impossible manner.

Marini Money Maker – A sure-fire coin flipping technique.

Coin Crimping – Multiple coin sleights utilizing the Crimp – Coin Toss, Put and Take, Retention Vanish, Click Pass, Drop Vanish, Color Changes, Flip Change, Squirt move

Signed Coin Thru Glass – A signed coin penetrates through the bottom of a clear glass.

Scent of a Woman – Script based on the famous Pacino movie. 3 cards are torn and placed into a bag…the Godfather is blindfolded and divines the selected pieces.

Bill in Balloon – $100 Bill transposition based on an idea by Mark Jenest.

Arlene the Psychic Elephant – A spectator is able to find another spectator’s selection using some help from Arlene, the Psychic Elephant!