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Will Houstoun Two Day Academy




Tricks and routines discussed in the course include:

Flip fly – Will’s first foray into the Three-Fly plot, this routine uses a less common gaff in an unusual way.

Baker’s Three Fly – This routine changes the feel and pace of the visible coins across plot, creating a different experience for your audience.

International Three Fly – Never before explained, this routine follows the same basic structure as Three Fly but uses three different coins: an English penny, and American half dollar and a ‘Chinese’ coin.

Coin 0.5 – Will’s current favourite handling of three fly doesn’t use three coins or feature several moments normally seen in the routine… it does however feature some stunning visual magic and detailed thinking on the plot! Will will explain how he came to this preferred sequence and teach the entire routine in fine detail.

Fire Coins – Three coins appear from, and disappear into, the flame of a candle. This is not only a beautiful coin routine but it also features and idea with a candle that anyone who uses flash-paper will want to try for themselves!

Bouncing Shadows – This is Will’s handling of shadow coins, one of the most magical coin tricks there is. Will has featured this trick on numerous TV appearances and will teach all the subtleties that he has discovered in over a decade’s work.

Impromptu Shadows – Bouncing Shadows is Will’s preferred Shadow Coins sequence, but sometimes you will find yourself without the ‘certain something’ needed to perform the routine. For those occasions Impromptu Shadows will ensure that you are still able to performa a beautiful, deceptive piece of magic.

Matrix – Will offers his thoughts on Al Schneider’s modern classic, including the subtleties and finesse that make the routine shine. He also offers a variant handling on the final coin that allows you to change the pace of the routine.

Jumbo Production – Will has ended the vast majority of his coin performances with the production of one, or sometimes two, jumbo coins. Until now, he has never revealed the detail of how he handles these productions or the devious secret behind the double production.