Daniel Chard Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
During this stand up act, you’ll be learning mentalism, card magic and comedy magic.

Magic that’s practical, playful and most importantly… POWERFUL!

Print: You show a blank deck and visually print the cards in an impressive manner. Establish your skills instantly with your audience.

Wright, Peterson, and Williamson: A modular effect where two signed cards which contains transpositions, restorations and lots of strong magic. Designed for the walk around performer. Included are great ideas by Thom Peterson and Tom Wright.

Chard under Box 2.0: Daniel’s Reputation Builder: The classic card under box on steroids. A routine that’s been refined over thousands of performances. You will use this!

Learn the psychology, timing and misdirection that makes this work.

iPhone 11: A tongue in cheek pin revelation which is very visual. Extremely simple.

Multiple selection: Daniel shares his routine and thoughts on the classic. This routine is interactive, fun and the perfect closer.

Homage to Pepe: A full suit production with a KILLER ENDING. This effect closed Daniels stage show for several years. Inspired by Pepe Carroll and Pedro Bryce.